Revenue enhancement

More often than not, doctors become distracted from the financial side of their business. Bad debts are allowed to build up and without a rigorous system in place to identify patients who haven’t paid, significant sums can be lost.

Carebit includes several features as standard to maximise your revenue and to make the most of your valuable time.

At a glance

Easily identify outstanding invoices

Carebit makes it easy to spot invoices that haven’t been paid yet using intuitively coloured labels, so staff can follow up manually with the patient if need be.

Carebit - view invoices
Carebit - payment reminder email

Automatic reminders

Payment reminder emails ensure payment is made on time

With some followup appointments booked many months into the future, it’s only natural that patients need reminding to pay near to the time of the appointment. Carebit’s customisable payment emails politely remind the patient to pay online before the appointment, saving your practice time in chasing them up after the appointment. A receipt is then automatically emailed to them.

Automatic cancellation

Insist on payment before the appointment

Many healthcare systems (such as the French system) insist on payment before the appointment to ensure the best collection rates. In this spirit, Carebit can be configured to automatically cancel the appointment on the day if payment is not received in full, sending an email to both the patient and the doctor.

Carebit - automatic cancellation email

“The revenue enhancement feature ensures that you only do work that you are definitely going to be paid for, because you already have been paid by the time you see the patient! This not only frees up your time but also reduces the need for fee collection and its attached costs. Why would anyone want to work a different way?”

Professor Christopher Eden
Professor Christopher Eden
Leading robotic radical prostatectomy expert, Santis

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