Website hosting

Included in every Carebit subscription is fast website hosting for your clinic, with unlimited pages, Google optimisation and blog posts. We even take care of SSL encryption too, and can help in designing your website and creating content.

Start with the basics

Mobile & Google optimised

Every Carebit website runs on the very latest technology and is beautifully designed for a fast, modern customer experience. It goes without saying that your website renders perfectly on a mobile or tablet device, so new patients can find you at their convenience and across all devices.

Carebit’s expertise in optimising websites for high Google rankings is also included, so your clinic can grow without spending money on advertising.

Feel empowered

Simple to update and manage

Carebit was designed to give non-technical people superpowers. It’s really easy to add new pages, edit existing ones and add new team members, blog posts and testimonials to your Carebit website quickly and without fuss.

We want it to serve you and your practice as a tool for good, not for you to feel like you’re constantly doing battle with a computer.

Protection by default

SSL encryption included

All modern websites should be encrypted by default - not only for security of the connection between your website and the user’s computer, but also because it boosts your Google rankings and provides reassurance that you are a competent, modern clinic. A survey even found that 85% of online customers would avoid a non-encrypted website.

The cost of certificates can run into hundreds of pounds per year, but Carebit includes this for you for free. We handle all SSL certificate issuance and expiry too, so you don’t have to manage a thing.

All the space you need

Unlimited pages to promote your clinic

You can add as many pages as you like to your Carebit website to explain the main services, treatments and techniques you use. There’s no limit on how much information you can publish with Carebit - the more the better!

Your own publication

Unlimited blog posts

Critical to the success of a modern website is the content it publishes. There are incredible opportunities out there for clinics to share the knowledge and experience they have with patients who are hungry for information - if they do this, they will be rewarded handsomely by Google.

With unlimited blog posts included, Carebit is the perfect platform to do it on. We have experience of taking brand new websites to the top of Google, and what you publish is automatically optimised for this from day one. We can even advise on what you should publish.

Ratings and reviews

Easily publish testimonials

Patient testimonials on a well-designed website are really important in building trust between prospective patients and your clinic. They want to know the effect you can have on their lives by reading the experiences of similar people. If they’re impressed, they’ll be much more likely to contact you for help.

That’s why we’ve made it straightforward to publish new testimonials on Carebit - just type in the text, add a few details and it shows up on your website instantly. They’re recognised by Google and with permission, you can even upload a photo of the patient for authenticity.

Meet everyone

Show off your team

Everyone has a part to play in the patient experience - from the secretary to the doctor to their support staff. We know from experience that patients are keenly interested in everyone they’ll meet, so we’ve made it simple to create staff biographies in Carebit and publish them on a Team page on your website - just like blog posts and testimonials.

Seamless and slick

Integrated online bookings

Online booking is an integral part of every Carebit website. Patients don’t have to leave your website to make an appointment, and they can even pay online using their card or Apple Pay. If a patient is ready with all the information they need, they can book and pay right there and then.

“Making website hosting painless is just another benefit of Carebit. We heard from doctors that they were struggling to put together good-looking, informative websites that ranked well in Google without being ripped off by so-called experts. We decided to build a best-in-class product to solve this problem.”

Principal, Carebit

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