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Use Carebit to automate the creation of letters, emails and invoices, host your website, take online bookings and manage your practice on one unified platform.

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Automation: save time and money

Carebit’s powerful Workflow feature allows you to automate common tasks in your clinic, such as generating letters and emails to patients in response to events like invoices and bookings being created. You can even add conditions too, such as which doctor the booking is for, which service the booking is for and whether the patient is self-pay or insured. Automation is reliable, runs 24 hours a day and is included for free in every Carebit subscription.

Compose patient letters: no need for a typist

Time-consuming drafting and editing is over. Carebit’s Compose feature with smart templates automatically generate the header, footer, addressee’s name and address, the date of the letter, the patient’s details and even your signature and title.

One-click booking of followups, voice-to-text transcription as well as a simple way to email the letter encrypted to multiple recipients mean you no longer need a typist.

Patient portal: access letters & test results online

Gone are the days of patients having to email or ring your clinic to obtain copies of letters or test results. As soon as they’re uploaded, the patient can access them by logging into the secure, encrypted online portal.

Revenue enhancement: eliminate bad debt

Carebit’s sophisticated tools - designed in partnership with a clinic billing hundreds of thousands of pounds a year - can eliminate bad debts. Invoice payment reminder emails can be configured to be sent automatically, and appointments even cancelled at 6am on the day if payment is not received. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Online payment: patients can pay 24/7

After receiving an invoice by email, patients can pay instantly online using their credit or debit card. It’s secure and convenient for them and improves your cash flow, as well as saving time on handling bounced cheques and trips to the bank with cash. Automatic payouts are made weekly into the doctor’s bank account.

“Busy secretaries, however experienced and resourceful, will make mistakes. At the favourable end of the spectrum this will result in irritation and inconvenience but at the other end it will end up costing money and occasionally a lot of it.

As a successful and busy surgeon, automating as much of the administrative side of my practice as possible has long been a goal but was not achievable until Carebit.

Working with Dominic, its creator, to produce an infinitely-customisable and adaptable software solution has transformed my confidence in how my practice is run and has freed up a great deal of my secretary’s time to attend to other tasks.

Professor Christopher Eden
Professor Christopher Eden
Leading robotic radical prostatectomy expert, Santis

Case study

Santis: automating secretarial tasks

Santis is a leading London clinic specialising in advanced robotic surgery for prostate cancer. They treat hundreds of men every year, and introduced Carebit to automate many administrative tasks that are critical to running their practice.

The initial results were astonishing. In the first full month of service, Carebit performed 38 hours worth of human work in just 17 minutes, saving them over £700 in secretarial costs. Not only was there an enormous time saving, but the work performed by Carebit was free of human error.

“Over the years I have worked on many patient medical systems which have been complicated, difficult to understand and unable to give me the information I really wanted. Since using Carebit, I have found it to be user friendly, simple in obtaining documents I require and easy to input required patient documentation.

Using Carebit you are able to see all the patient information at a glance and it has enabled me to become more efficient in the office. I am able to see the latest details of the patient, results and correspondence in date order, and all invoicing clearly. Any technical issues I have have been sorted quickly and efficiently by the Carebit Customer Services team and any additions that I have required to the package have been added promptly.

I would recommend any medical secretary/PA or medical practice to use Carebit. I have been able to teach new staff how to use Carebit within a matter of hours, as opposed to days that I used to have to spend to try and work out other systems.”

Mrs Simone Castle
Mrs Simone Castle
Secretary, Santis

Our story

Discover how Carebit came to be
Dominic, Carebit creator
Director, Carebit

When I was helping to establish a private medical practice in London, we struggled to find suitable software to assist us. We wanted something that would help with marketing the business with a great website, taking bookings, handling patient data and ultimately being flexible enough to cope with a growing business that wanted to innovate. There was no single integrated system that would do it all, and much of the software available was outdated, inflexible and inconvenient to use.

We all agreed there should be a better way: creating a modern, flexible platform to simultaneously empower clinicians to do their best work and to deliver an exceptional digital experience for patients. It has been designed by experienced technologists working closely with doctors and administrative staff, and tested thoroughly with patients.

This is Carebit: our vision of how a modern private practice could and should work with the help, not hindrance, of technology. We hope it will come to be as critical to your success as it has become to ours.

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