Processing millions of pounds worth of invoices every year for private practices and billing companies alike, Carebit makes billing insurance companies, patients and third parties easy. It’s fully integrated with the Healthcode system, so you can easily send invoices swiftly to insurance companies for settlement.

Healthcode insurance billing

Fully integrated with Healthcode

Swift, easy electronic billing to insurers, patients and third parties

A large part of your clinic’s revenue will come from insurance companies, and Carebit makes it easy to keep on top of this. You can invoice directly from your clinic list, and Carebit even remembers your billing codes and prices - making it really quick and easy to create invoices.

Invoices (including excess invoices) can be issued to patients to pay online, and you can also easily bill to third parties such as medico-legal firms and hospitals. When payment is received from an insurer, advanced features allow you to quickly record payments made in bulk and issue excess invoices for your patients to pay online with just one click.

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