Online booking

In this connected world and as a discerning healthcare customer, patients expect to be able to arrange their affairs whenever it suits them. Carebit allows them to book their appointments online, not only delivering an impressive patient experience but also saving your staff time and money compared to handling booking requests manually.

A 24/7 service

View doctor availability

Patients no longer have to phone your clinic to enquire about a doctor’s availability. With Carebit’s online booking tool, your availability is updated in real-time based on what patients you have booked in and your availability settings in Carebit. Anyone from anywhere in the world can make an appointment to see you: your potential customer base and visibility just increased dramatically.

Convenient card payments

Book and pay online whenever it suits

Both new and existing patients can book and pay for an appointment with just a few clicks. Carebit accepts all major credit and debit cards (including Apple Pay), and deposits the money in the nominated bank account 7 days later. Secretaries are freed up to focus on other tasks, and the patient saves a good deal of time.

“Private patients are a discerning demographic who want the best service - both in terms of their treatment itself and their customer experience around the treatment. In other sectors, companies invest huge amounts of financial and human resources to provide up-to-date digital experiences across desktop, mobile and tablet as they know how important it is to their customers.

Before we set out to build Carebit, we discovered such resources lacking in private healthcare and decided to correct it. As such, Carebit was born out of a need for a modern, patient-friendly, constantly-available platform that delivered a great patient experience - and an experience that reflects positively on you and your practice. Our patient feedback at Santis from using Carebit is that it’s much quicker and more convenient to book and pay online by card - and in fact the majority of our invoices are now settled this way.

When your aim is to deliver the best healthcare, why would you scrimp on the patient experience around the care itself?”

Principal, Carebit

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