Patient Portal

The Portal is a revelation for patients. No longer do they have to phone or email your secretary for copies of test results, and no longer do they have to wait days for copies of new letters to be posted to them. Access is instant, secure and reliable, and positions you as a modern doctor.

Always there

An archive of letters and test results for patients to access

Through the Portal, a patient has access to all the letters and test results uploaded to their Carebit profile by your clinic. That means there’s no need for them to contact your clinic to ask for copies because they can retrieve them at their convenience, 24/7.

Carebit - patients can view letters in the Patient Portal
Carebit - patients recieve notification by email of new letters

A better patient experience

Patients receive new letters instantly

When you write and send a new letter using Carebit Compose, the patient receives an email notification immediately. They can then simply enter their date of birth to unlock the PDF letter. Often, this email is sent as they are leaving your clinic - they’ll be impressed and you’ll appear efficient and proactive.

Secure by design

Security and encryption by default

Security and privacy of patient data is of utmost importance to us. After all, it’s your professional reputation at stake too. That’s why patients can only access the Portal over an encrypted SSL connection to Carebit, and we additionally require each and every patient to confirm their date of birth and set a complex password before they are able to log into their Carebit account to view their data.

For added security, the links to the letter and test result PDFs contain access tokens that expire after 15 minutes. All of this is seamless to the patient, however.

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