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Carebit for clinics

Carebit is a digital healthcare platform that is designed to help clinics automate their processes and share patient data easily, securely and efficiently. You can find more information on how it works below.

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Quickly receive and access shared letters

Carebit offers a convenient, secure way to receive letters that’s compliant with your data protection obligations to patients. No more letters lost in the post, faxes gone astray or having to scan in paper documents.

It’s all stored and transmitted securely through Carebit, and you’ll receive an email notification when a new letter has been shared with your clinic.

Carebit - email to clinic

Safe & secure

Encryption used throughout

With Carebit, you can be sure that data is safe with us. All data is encrypted at rest in our data centre and you only access it with encrypted links that expire after 15 minutes, providing additional security. When you connect to Carebit, it’s only ever over an encrypted SSL connection.

Frequently asked questions

I’ve received an email from Carebit saying I have a new letter to view. What does this mean?

This means that a clinic using Carebit has shared a patient letter with you by granting you permission to view it securely. You are able to retrieve a digital copy of the letter by confirming your Carebit account, creating a staff member and logging in. From there, you can view a PDF of the letter and then handle it according to your internal processes.

Why can’t these letters be faxed or posted instead?

The NHS is committed to reducing the use of fax machines, and from April 2020 they will be banned entirely. Often faxes are sent to the wrong number or misplaced/lost, while posting is slow, expensive and insecure.

By contrast, Carebit offers an seamless, permanent, environmentally-friendly, instant and secure way of sharing confidential patient letters between authorised clinics. The letter never leaves Carebit and is encrypted at both ends, so there’s no opportunity for interception or data loss.

How much does it cost to receive a letter?

It’s completely free to receive letters through Carebit.

There is more than one member of staff at my clinic. Can I create more staff member accounts?

You can easily add more staff member accounts for free. In Carebit, just go to Settings, then Staff Members.

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