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Migrating to Carebit

If you already use existing practice management software like DGL, PPM, Specpack, Heydoc, Pabau or another system, we can help you move your data across seamlessly.

Seamless migration

Modernise your practice by moving to Carebit

We’ve successfully migrated many practices from their old system to Carebit, bringing across hundreds of thousands of bookings, invoices, patients records, letters and much more. If you are with a different software provider or even use your own in-house system like Google Drive, we can handle that too.

Depending on the volume of data, this can often be done in a day - resulting in a seamless switch for your practice. If you’re considering migrating to Carebit and would like to take advantage of this service, please get in touch below to discuss your migration requirements.

“Moving from DGL was always going to be a daunting task, change is generally scary and even when something is not providing the service you require, the thought of the unknown is often worse than the inadequate system you are currently working with. So making the decision to move to Carebit was quite a big one to make.

Our initial migration was a worrying time, but it needn't have been as it was a seamless experience. Carebit handled everything. We were told it would happen on one particular day, and a couple of days later we were up and running in an entirely different system, and it was all done for us!”

Mrs Angie Newman
Mrs Angie Newman
Practice manager for Dr Yiannis Ioannou

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