Privacy & security


Carebit is built to be secure by default. State-of-the-art, bank-grade SSL encryption is used throughout, while other best practices such as IP whitelisting, private networks, VPNs and automated testing further strengthen Carebit’s security.

Always encrypted

256-bit SSL encryption throughout

Carebit’s routing system ensures that any data being accessed or uploaded only travels via an encrypted SSL connection between the user and the Carebit servers. This is the same standard as major banks use.

Precision permissions

Restricting access to those with the correct permissions

Carebit employs a sophisticated system of permissions to control who can see what. For example, Clinic A can only see its own patients, letters, invoices and letter templates, but Clinic B can also see Clinic A’s patient letters only if Clinic A has shared them with Clinic B. This is all backed up by a suite of automated tests to ensure complete privacy at all times.

Limiting connections

IP whitelisting

Connections to the Carebit system are strictly limited. Only connections from specific IP addresses and networks are permitted to connect to Carebit systems, ensuring that access is controlled at all times.

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